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Humax F2-FOX T Digital Freeview

Humax F2-FOX T Digital Freeview


Humax F2-FOX T Digital Freeview Free to Air Receiver


  • Freeview Digital Receiver
  • MPEG-2 Digital & Fully DVB-T Compliant.
  • Digital Teletext (MHEG-5).
  • Max. 200 channels receivable.
  • Channel list mode in All, Favorite.
    Finding channels by name (optional).
  • 5 Favorite channel groups (Max. 100 channels in a group).
  • Channel search in automatic, manual and network search.
  • Channel Sorting by channel number, Alphabet, FTA.
  • Installation Wizard helps easy and automatic installation step by step.
  • Timer Setting Supports automatic Turn-On and Off daily.
  • Subtitle supports EBU and DVB subtitle.
  • Teletext Supports DVB ETS300472 by VBI insertion.
  • Dolby Digital Audio Output (Optical).
  • Auto language selection of program for Audio language with user setting in menu.
  • PAL/NTSC compliant
  • On Screen Display mode.
  • English, German and more than 16 European On Screen Display languages.
  • Parental control with block on system, all channels and programs by age limitation.
  • Software Upgrade via OAD and serial connection (RS-232).
  • User-friendly EPG and Information Plate.
  • 2 Scart sockets
  • Remote control
  • Phono video and audio sockets
  • RS232C data port (transfer rate of 115 kbps)
  • Scart lead included
  • Coaxial aerial lead included

  • Model: Humax F2-FOX
  • 100 Units in Stock

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