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RTV International 6 month smartcard - VIACCESS

RTV International 6 month smartcard - VIACCESS

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Millions of Russian ex-pats worldwide tune into the network of international TV channels for the best of Russian television. Smartcard includes 4 Russian language channels; RTVi, RTVi Nashe Kino, RTVi Detsky Mir and RTVi Teleclub.
To view this package you will require an 80cm dish with Universal LNB, and a digital set-top box with VIACCESS in-built or Common Interface set-top box with VIACCESS CI CAM.
- 6 month official smartcard.
- Encrypted in VIACCESS II.
- Broadcasting via Hot Bird at 13 degrees east.
- Transponder 11.938 GHz H.
- Symbol Rate 27500, FEC 3/4.

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