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Pace DS810XE High Definition Satellite Receiver

Pace DS810XE High Definition Satellite Receiver


Pace DS810XE HD Satellite Receiver

Fully-features multi-format high-definition set-top box

One of the first multi-format High Definition Set-top Boxes for the European market, the DS810 is uncompromising in its ability to deliver exceptional audiovisual quality into the home.
The DS810 is packed with support for the leading edge digital TV standards and content protection technology including AVC/H.264, Dolby Digital Plus, AAC HE, DVB-S2, DiSEqC HDMI with HDCP, 3DES, AES and USB 2.0.

The DS810 allows the viewer to watch High Definition MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 or standard definition programmes at the best possible quality. The DS810 has an auto set up feature, which enables it to be easily configured for use with most types of display - SD or HD, together with various connector types to provide connection to the latest display technology, (SD Output).

In addition, the DS810 can output High Definition content to a HDMI display and simultaneously output in re-formatted Standard to a second TV or VCR using the SCART output.


The superior performance of the DS810 is based on a 300MHz core CPU that delivers in excess of 420DMIPs. Our no compromise digital design includes true colour 2D/3D graphics processing and a dedicated audio/video AVC High Definition decoder.


The new styling is designed to blend with the latest trends in home audiovisual equipment.
There are 8 fully programmable front panel buttons, 3 LEDs and a hidden front panel smart card reader and CI slot to cater for a wide range of user requirements. Together with a reduced form factor and low profile, the DS810 design integrates seamlessly with the latest home entertainment equipment.

Rear panel connections include the following:

TV SCART (EN50049-1) - PAL, CVBS or RGB output to TV, Audio Left+Right volume can also be adjusted under software control. Teletext is looped through to SCART
VCR SCART (EN50049-1) - For connection to Video Recorder
SPDIF (TOSLINK) - Digital optical output for MPEG-audio or pass through of Dolby Digital audio (AC3)
Audio Left+Right (RCA/Cinch Sockets) - Analogue audio output, volume can be adjusted or muted under software control
Component Video (3 RCA/Cinch sockets) - Analogue video output of high definition video signal in YPbPr format
S-Video - High quality analogue video output, SD YC format
HDMI - Secure Digital output to display with HDCP
USB 2.0 - Type A connector for connection to variety of devices
IF Input (IEC-60169-24) - F-connector for Satellite Dish
RF Output (IEC-60169-24) - F-Connector for loop through
Mains Input (IEC60320) - IEC320, style C8 male figure -of-8 connector

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