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Manhattan Plaza ST500

Manhattan Plaza ST500


Plaza ST-500 (CIP-IR 380mm)

? DVB Common Interface with dual CAM slots
? Embedded Irdeto Access
? Unique Special Tuner (ST)
- Advanced blind search by frequency to capture unknown channels
- Fast channel change < 1 second
- Low power consumption
- High sensitivity tuner
- 2-45 Msps with freq range 950MHz to 2150Mhz
? DiSEqC USALS (Universal Satellite Locating System) function
? Fast auto programming and user friendly setup
? Channel sorting by alphabetical and FTA / Scrambled
? Fully automatic scan & store of TV & radio channels of
- Up to 40 selected satellites using DC or DiSEqC 1.2 Motor
- 4 satellites using DiSEqC switch
- 2 satellites using DiSEqC Mini A and Mini B tone burst signals (for Mono block LNB)
- Combination of satellites using DiSEqC Multi switch
? Up to 5000 channels TV or RADIO programmable
? Channel search option by all, FTA, network, TP with option of including data channels
? PLL RF modulator (CH 21---CH 69 PAL G, I, K, M)
? Optional NTSC RF Modulator (CH 3 & CH 4 switchable)
? DC antenna positioner with
- Auto Satellite Calculator & Locator
- 200 satellite memory
- Dedicated 36V, 5Amp SMPS
? 100 ? 240V AC 50/60 Hz SMPS main PSU.
? 100 ? 240V AC 50/60 Hz SMPS positioner PSU
? Supports Universal, Single, Single S and Wide Band LNB applications
? Multiple controllable LNB switching eg 0/12V, 14/18 volts with skew (Mechanical Polarizer ? NTSC models), 22KHz & DiSEqC 1.2
? 1 LNB input (F-Type), IF signal loop through
? 2 SCART, TV (CVBS / RGB) with VCR/DVD loop through facility
? S-Video output on mini DIN
? RS ? 232 port for PC connections and software upgrade
? 4 RCA sockets (Audio L & R, Video, 0/12V)
? Digital audio output (S/P DIF) on RCA
? LNB short circuit protection incorporated
? 4 Digit LED front panel display
? Supports multi TV standards
- PAL G, I, K, M & NTSC M
- Screen formats 4:3 and 16:9
? 256 colour GUI (Graphical User Interface) with picture-in-menu
? SCPC & MCPC receivable from C/Ku band satellites
? Fully MPEG-2 digital & DVB-S compliant
? On screen language support for up to 15 languages
? Built in Teletext function
? Support for Teletext Subtitles
? Support for DVB Subtitles
? Support for multiple language broadcasts
? SATCODX compatibility.
? EPG access for now, next and 7 days for on screen channel information
? 1 year, 10 event VCR
? Parental control facility by channel and menu locks
? Displays on screen message for antenna movement using DC or DiSEqC positioner
? 22 favourite groups (11 TV & 11 Radio) with facility to rename and categorise each group and unlimited storage capacity per group
? Last channel recall facility
? Last viewed channel remembered after power down
? Over The Air (OTA) software upgrade facility via Hotbird
? Displays Signal and Quality percentage Indication bars for ease of setup
? Time display on info banner during operation, and on front panel LED during standby mode
? Full editing functions (add, delete, name, move and sort) channel, TP and satellite
? Receiver to receiver user settings and channel data copying facility
? Multiple audio selection (L, R, Stereo & Mono)
? Programmable sleep timer up to 2 hours
? Includes 4 on screen games (Tetris, Black Jack, Minesweeper and Video Poker) and Calendar
? 3 language user instruction manual (English, French, German)
? Screensaver in Radio mode

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