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Sky (HD) High Definition

Sky (HD) High Definition



  • Sky HD digital video recorder and satellite receiver
  • Sky HD remote control
  • HDMI lead, SCART lead, RF lead
  • Telephone connection lead
  • Mains lead with moulded plug
  • 2 X AA batteries for the remote
  • User documents

Sky HD subscription of ?10 a month in addition to existing Sky Digital subscription price ie. Sky World ?42.50 p/month + ?10 HD subscription service = ?52.50 p/month total.

The Sky HD box also offers Sky+ functionality, allowing Sky+ subscribers to pause and rewind live TV, record two channels simultaneously and automatically record every episode of a selected series.

To view Sky HD programmes customers will need a Sky HD box, the relevant subscription and a compatible HDTV. To experience Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound available on a selection of Sky HD programming, viewers will also need a compatible home cinema system.

For more information on Sky HD, please click the following link:

  • Model: Sky (HD) Hig
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