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The Humax Foxsat-HD Freesat set-top box is a small and affordable way of getting HD TV. Its easy and pleasant to use and has a simple-minded display.

If you want to get HD TV cheaply or live in an area that's gone without Freeview all this time, the Humax is exactly the product you're looking for. It works happily with a Sky dish and thanks to its neat straightforward menus, the Humax can be set up in next to no time (however we strongly recommend you contact a professional satellite installer for assistance in the installation of this product).

Note : If you don't already have a satellite dish on your house you will need one!

The vast majority of Freesat content available will be familiar to anyone with a Freeview box or with an integrated digital tuner in your TV. Standard-definition broadcasts via the FOXSAT-HD are bright and colourful however its big benefit comes in the ability to receive high-definition broadcasts and if you've been used to standard definition viewing then the BBC's HD channel looks out of this world!!

Although BBC HD is the only high-def channel available on Freesat right now, ITV HD is due to come on stream later this year.

If you want surround sound aswell as great pictures, Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks can be sent to a multichannel amp or receiver via the optical digital output.

In summary, if your struggle to get Freeview reception, don't want to get tied up in a Sky contract or you're concerned about the big analogue switch-off, you can stop worrying. The Humax FOXSAT-HD is the digital product for you!

Technical Info : Number of tuners x 1, EPG 7 days, RGB Scart out x 2, HDMI out x 1, Component out x 1, Composite out x 1, Analogue audio out x 1, Optical digital out x 1,

Dimensions (hwd) 5 x 28 x 20cm
  • Digital TV Tuner - Receive upto 80 channels
  • HD Receiver - Subscription free HD content
  • On-Screen Guide - Plan 8 days in advance
  • HDMI Connection - HD output for HD Ready TV
  • Twin Scarts - Multiple connections
  • Auto Tune - Effortless set up
  • Auto Standby - Energy saving facility
  • Digital Text - Quick on-screen information
  • Scart Cable Included
  • Colour - Black

  • Model: FOXSAT-HD
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