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Grundig GUFSAT01SD

Grundig GUFSAT01SD


Product Information

The Grundig GUFSAT01SD Standard Definition freesat Digital Box brings you all your favourite TV channels with coverage available throughout the UK and no subscription or monthly payment, just a one off payment for a Digital Box, satellite dish and installation.

Huge range of Digital channels

Available throughout the UK and to almost every home

One-off payment and that‘s it.*

No contract or subscription

Unique on-screen guide

Parental control


freesat compliant

Access all freesat Digital channels and Radio Stations

Handy on-screen TV listings

Subtitles and Audio Description

In The Box

freesat Digital Box

Scart Cable

2 x AAA Batteries

Quick Start Guide

User Guide

Remote Control


Width - 257mm

Depth - 165mm

Height - 42mm

Weight - 1KG


2 x Scart Sockets

LNB in and out

Ethernet - For future broadband connection

SPDIF - Digital Audio Out

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