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NEW* HUMAX Foxsat HDR PVR (Freesat+)

NEW* HUMAX Foxsat HDR PVR (Freesat+)


Product Information

*NEW* HUMAX Foxsat HDR PVR (Freesat+) 320Gb 2 Tuner HDMI S-PDIF.

This high specification, twin tuner Humax FOXSAT-HDR will be the only way to pause, rewind and record Freesat HD digital TV, as well as access an expanding choice of SD TV, radio and interactive channels.

The massive 320GB hard drive can store up to 80 hours of HD programming, or up to 200 hours of standard definition shows, while the eight day on-screen electronic programme guide makes it easy to scan the Freesat TV schedule and plan your viewing. Because the Humax FOXSAT-HD comes with two digital tuners, two Freesat channels can be recorded at the same time, so you never need miss a thing. And with HD highlights including Strictly Come Dancing, Uefa Champions League, Tonight with Jonathan Ross, England home games, and the FA Cup, there's plenty you won't want to miss.

The Humax FOXSAT-HDR guarantees a whole host of advanced recording features for the Freesat+ digital satellite service:

Series recording - to automatically record all the episodes of your favourite shows
Radio recording - never miss your favourite radio shows by recording by individual shows, or even series record
Live pause and instant rewind - in case you need to answer the phone orreplay that crucial scene
Schedule tracking - so recordings start and finish on time, even when broadcasters change their schedule
Split recordings - to record two-part programmes that may have a break in the middle for a news bulletin, such as films
  • HD recorder.
  • Digitally interactive.
  • Digital text.
  • RF loop.
  • Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB).
  • Auto setup. - Auto detection of new channels.
  • Auto scan for new channels.
  • Now and next electronic programme guide - 7 days electronic programme guide.
  • Maximum recording time 200 hours.
  • 2 SCART sockets - SCART lead included - HDMI output socket.

  • Model: (Freesat+)
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