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Bush BFSAT02SD Black Freesat SD Digital Box

Bush BFSAT02SD Black Freesat SD Digital Box


  • Digitally interactive.
  • Digital text.
  • LNB in.
  • Digital video broadcasting (DVB) subtitles.
  • Auto setup.
  • Auto detection of new channels.
  • Now and next electronic programme guide.
  • 8 days electronic programme guide.
  • 1 SCART socket.
  • SCART lead.
  • Remote control requires 2 x AAA batteries (included).
  • Access over 140 Freesat digital channels and radio stations.
  • Audio description (broadcast mix) dependent.
  • Power consumption in use 8 watts.
  • Standby power consumption 1 watt.
  • Size (H)3.6, (W)15, (D)25.7cm.
  • Weight 0.52kg.

  • NOTE:
  • This is a standard definition box - you will not be able to receive high definition channels.

  • NOTE:
  • This product needs a fully installed working satellite dish to operate.

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