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Sky HD mini box 250gb - Amstrad DRX890

Sky HD mini box 250gb - Amstrad DRX890


The Amstrad DRX890 (PVR5) is the latest Sky+HD Digibox on the market.

Amstrad is owned by Sky and to ensure it offers exceptional quality with reliability,this product has gone through a much more intense testing process than any other manufacturer of Sky+HD Digibox.

The Amstrad DRX890 Sky+ HD Digibox design matches the existing HD models except for being slightly smaller.

The unit contains the larger *500GB capacity hard drive for recording even more of your favourite programmes with Sky+ (Sky+ requires an active subscription to Sky), allowing you to record up to 185 hours of SD and 60 hours of HD.

*250GB personal storage; the remaining 250GB is retained by Sky for Anytime/VOD/3D services.

To conform to EU legislation this Sky+HD Digibox comes with the new Sky 'off' mode to allow you to switch off and meet the maximum 1watt power usage. This option is selected by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds until the digibox displays the red 'off' light.

In 'off' mode the digibox will NOT record any scheduled recordings, download Sky Anytime content or support TV Link, so they have included a 'standby' mode as well by just pressing the power button once, the digibox with go into sleep mode and display an amber light instead. 

This latest version Amstrad Sky High Definition Digibox can be used with an existing Sky Subscription card, to benefit from the Sky+ functionality, or subscription HD channels (HD Mix).

Alternatively, you can still receive all free HD channels without a card, such as BBC HD, Luxe HD and C4 HD. To view C4 HD at present you do require a free to view card.
You are not obliged to take out any subscription with this purchase, as the box you are buying is non-subsidised.

Amstrad DRX890 Sky+ HD Digibox Specifications and Features

Contents include:
- Sky+HD Digibox with massive 500GB 7200RPM SATA hard drive
- HD Remote Control (includes 2 x AA batteries)
- Instructions
- UK Power Lead
- HDMI Lead
- RF Lead

- CVBS Video Output
- Digital Optical Audio Output
- Digital Coaxial Audio Output
- L&R Phono Audio Output (white and red)
- VCR/DVD Scart
- Dish input 1 & 2
- External SATA
- External Ethernet (RJ45)
- Modem/telephone connection (RJ11)
- USB Interface (x2)
- Aerial In
- RF Out 1
- RF Out 2 (9v)

- Dimensions :: 346mm x 255mm x 73mm
- Weight :: 4.1kg

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Sky HD mini box 250gb - Amstrad DRX890
Sky HD mini box 250gb - Amstrad DRX890

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