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Standard Installation

Standard Installation

Call for Price

These prices are valid for installations in the Brittany area, please enquire for other area's.
Additional charges apply if you require roof or patio mounting.

For local customers we call to your house to confirm the dish location and extra rooms to be wired, etc. as well as any other personal requirements that you may have.

Installation is usually completed within 2/5 days purchase (subject to card arriving from Sky).

If the installation is 'non standard' the Cost of Installation is confirmed at site survey , we specialise in non standard or special requirements such as listed buildings, hotels , pubs , national parks, chimney & roof mounted installations or discreet positioning .We try not mount on front walls, or at the lower height as undertaken by most of the standard Sky Installers

We take great care to ensure the dish is located in the most ideal location and blends in with the house as much as possible, because we are fully insured we are able to operate at height on chimneys & roofs and carry all necessary wall ladders & roof ladders . 

All our installations utilise the best of materials , cabling is fully clipped and routed to look tidy , holes are drilled in wall (up to 36 inches thickness) and not wooden window frames with all holes sealed with silicone rubber.

Specialist buildings / thatched roofs / listed buildings / buildings being constructed or converted etc. are all welcome , we take time to ensure the customer is happy with the operation of the equipment and all immediate associated video & TV are set up correctly. ( Multiple TV's distributed throughout house will require extra work and will incure extra charges.)  

The standard Sky Digibox comes complete with one scart lead but other scarts can be supplied at extra cost to ensure stereo reception throughout the system. 

The latest RF Spectrum Analyser's are used to ensure perfect alignment of the dish.

Supplying only the highest quality components and electronics. All new equipment & installations supplied by us carries 12 months standard warranty in accordance with our suppliers & CAI guidelines. All satellite cable used is high standard, double screened. 

For certain installations we may suggest use of lightning & surge protection which is available at extra price to ensure extra protection against electrical storm damage.

By the nature of the Customer?s site or specific requirements, any non-standard equipment or services that are identified and can be provided to complete the installation will be advised to the Customer by the installation engineer and must be paid for on the day of installation by the Customer. Payment is to be made direct to Brittany Satellites.

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