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VIALUNA Satellite Finder

VIALUNA Satellite Finder


VIALUNA Satellite Finder


      Sat Finder use an audible signal for optimal alignment and has a patch lead with fitted 'f' connectors to connect to the LNB and the receiver.
      The backlit visual display and audio indication makes it so much easier if balancing on a ladder! You can hang on with one hand whilst listening to the audio tone which increases with the strength of signal.


    • Backlit meter scale
    • Suitable for analogue and digital reception
    • Build in light and Audio tone
    • Build in compass
    • Frequency range: 950-2500mhz
    • Input Level: -25dBm ~ 75dBm
    • Operating Range: LNB Gain=52-65dB
    • dB Adjustment: -6dB ~ +6dB
    • Power Supply from Receiver (+13/ +18 VDC (DC13-18V))
    • English manual
      Easy to use, step-by-step manual will help you to setup your dish for every satellite.

  • Model: SFC-888
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