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“Terry” the Terrestrial. Fast and Easy to use!

Featuring analogue and digital terrestrial auto detection and measurement. View the spectrum, level and quality information simultaneously, no need to step through channels, save time every time!

Designed for ease of use. Automatic detection of all relevant parameters.
Large display with back light.
Full UHF auto scan identifies analogue and digital signals.
Shows up to 8 terrestrial analogue and digital terrestrial signals in real time,
with the signal level in dBuV and signal to noise expressed as pass, marginal or fail.
Choose the channels you need. These are saved at switch off in non-volatile memory. Up to 4 transmitter channel plans may be stored in memory.
Robust case IP65 rated against rain and dust.
Long battery life , car charger and mains charger included.

The ON button, switches the unit on , if held for more than 1 second at switch on the screen back light is switched on.
The OFF button, switches off the unit, if Terry is accidentally left running it will auto switch off after 15 minutes.
The 12v button, press and hold for more than 2 seconds applies 12 volts to power a masthead preamplifier. Press and hold again to switch off 12 volt supply.
The SCAN button, press and hold for more than 2 seconds causes the unit to start scanning to look for channels. When a channel is found the scan stops press ON to store this channel or press SCAN again to skip this channel and carry on scanning. When up to 8 desired channels have been found these are automatically stored in memory. To store different channels simply re-scan.
On screen Information.

Each channel (up to 8 ) is represented by a horizontal bar . A wide bar is a digital multiplex and a narrow bar is an analogue TV carrier. The figure at the left of the bar is the UHF channel number .
Following the channel number on digital channels only will be found either P,M or F . This is the signal to noise. P is pass , M is marginal and F is fail. The set top box will perform with a good margin if P is achieved, may occasionally have problems if M is shown and will not normally lock if F is shown. (Note set top boxes do vary in performance the settings in Terry are conservative and should give reliable operation on all set top boxes.)
To the right of the screen is the signal level in dBuV . It is recommended that for digital signals a minimum level of 45 dBuv be achieved at the set top box input. A dotted line indicates this level on the screen. Where a high signal level is available Terry automatically inserts extra attenuation and the dotted line will be seen to move to the left of the screen.
Full UHF auto scan Channels 21-69 identifies analogue and digital signals.
Shows up to a total of 8 analog or digital signals in real time. Up to four channel plans can be set
up in the memory. These may be for different transmitters or extra channels in one location.
Range and accuracy input level range 20-90 dBuV. Accuracy +/ - 2 dB .
Signal to noise Pass (P) better than 26 dB, Marginal (M) 21-25 Fail (F) less than 21 dB.
75 ohm BNC input socket , test cable and coax adaptor included
Robust case IP65 rated against rain and dust. Size 185mm by 103mm by 70mm deep.
Weight 600 grams including battery.
Long battery life 10 hours (4 hours with back light) car charger and mains charger included.
Charging time 12 hours the unit will not overcharge if left on.

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