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ďA digital satellite meter thatís VERY easy to use!

Network Information Table of the satellite being aligned is interrogated.
Creating minimal error of being on the wrong one!

The Digi~Sat 204 meter can be hooked onto a ladder rung or satellite dish arm to give a safer working environment. Robust & user friendly. Polycarbonate case reinforced with fibreglass.
NiMh batteries give 4 hours continuous operation. Rechargeable from 240 volt mains or vehicle with optional lead. Weighs less than 1.2Kg - complete with batteries.
Signal quality, Good,Marginal,Fail, also gives BER and SNR figures. Decoded information from the Satellite NIT (Network Information Table) ensures you are receiving the correct signal. Audible tone for precise dish alignment.
Membrane style keypad for improved reliability. 120 Satellite multiplexes may be programmed into the meter. User upgradeable via optional windows 98 SE software.
13volt / 18volt + 22KHz Tone. 13 Satellites already installed when supplied as standard.
Cycle through a sequence of screens by pressing the Ďmenuí key.

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