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DOME Colour Half - Ball CMOS Camera

DOME Colour Half - Ball CMOS Camera


DOME Colour Half - Ball CMOS Camera

Product Overview

The Colour DOME camera is ideal for security protection, PC multimedia etc. Low power consumption,
high sensitivity, easy concealment and easy installation.

The working voltage range is DC+6V,+9V/-9V, the input voltage must not exceed DC+10V
and the current no more than 250MA, otherwise, damage may occur.

Wired Camera:
Camera apparatus: 1/3,1/4 Picture sensor
Validity pixel: PAL:628*582 NTSC:510*492
Picture area: PAL:5.78*4.19mm NTSC:4.69*3.45mm
Horizontal definition: 380line
Scan frequency: PAL / CCIR:50HZ NTSC / EIA:60HZ
Minimum illumination: 3LUX
Sensitivity: +18DB-AGL ON-OFF
Voltage: DC+8V
Current: 200mA
Power consumption: <=640MW
Size: 20*20*20(mm)

Notes on installation and usage
1. Users should not disassemble the camera from the front.
2. Always handle the camera with care. Please do not apply a shock or vibration as much as possible
and take precautions not to damage or scratch the camera due to careless storage.
3. Please do not install the camera in a rainy place or in high humid areas. Do not operate the camera in wet places.
4. Do not clean the camera body with the strong abrasives or soaps. When the camera becomes dirty.
Clean it with the dry cloths. Especially make sure to use dedicated lens cloths to clean the dome cover.
5. Please install the camera in a cool location, that is not exposed to the direct sunlight, otherwise damage may occur.

Item Includes

1 x Wired DOME camera


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