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1/2/3/4/8 Channel Digital Video Colour Quad Processor

1/2/3/4/8 Channel Digital Video Colour Quad Processor


1/2/3/4/8 Channel Digital Video Colour Quad Processor

Product Overview


  • Connects up to 4/8 Video Cameras

  1. Adjustable

  2. Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue and Sharpness

  • High resolution

  1. 720x480 60HZ for NTSC

  2. 720x576 50HZ for PAL

  • Various Display Modes

  1. QUAD spilt Mode

  2. Full Screen Mode

  3. PIP Screen Mode

  4. 8 Spilt Mode Dual Spilt Mode

  5. Auto Sequence Mode

  • Freeze Function & High Performance

Flicker Free Image Capture

  • High Performance & Zoom Function

Selective Zoom Area

  • Various Overlay Information

  1. Camera Title

  2. Real Time and Date

  3. Alarm/Loss/Motion Message

  • Playback in QUAD or Full Screen Image

  • Provide Various Event Input and Detection

  1. Alarm Input

  2. Video Loss Detection

  3. Motion Detection

  4. 60 Event Report

  5. Built-in Buzzer and Relay Output

  • Remote Control by RS232C connection and Infrared Transmitter


Item Includes

1 x 8 Channel Colour Quad Processor
1 x Remote Controller
1 x Power Supply


  • Model: 8-quad-pro
  • 1 Units in Stock

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