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Black 24LED Infrared Trumpet Shell Colour CMOS Camera

Black 24LED Infrared Trumpet Shell Colour CMOS Camera


Black 24LED Infrared Trumpet Shell Colour CMOS Camera

Product Overview

The Colour DOME camera is ideal for security protection, PC multimedia etc. Low power consumption,
high sensitivity, easy concealment and easy installation.


Resolution ration: 420line
Programmable 1?c Bus function; Colour saturation, brightness and contrast ration, self balance, exposure time and 2 times gain
illumination: 1.5lux
Output standard: CCIR/EIA(PAL/NTSC) standard video signal
Lens focus : 6mm
Automatic shutter: 1/60second----1/15,000second
Supply voltage/ Consumed power: 8-12V200mA/120mW
Automatic exposure control, automatic gain Control, automatic balance adjustment External frame synchronization, aperture Adjustment, Gamma adjustment


Item Includes

1 x Trumpet Shell Colour Camera


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