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30LED Waterproof Wired Day & Night Camera

30LED Waterproof Wired Day & Night Camera


30LED Waterproof Wired Day & Night Camera

Product Overview

This camera is a wired waterproof colour camera


Camera apparatus:
1/3, 1/4 picture sensor
Validity pixel: PAL : 628*582 NTSC : 510*492
Picture area: PAL : 5.78*4.19 NTSC : 4.69*3.45
Horizontal definition: 380line
Scan frequency: PAL / CCIR : 50HZ NTSC / EIA : 60HZ
Minimum illumination: 0LUX
Sensitivity: +18DB-AGL ON-OFF
Voltage: DC-12V
Current: 500mA
Power consumption: <=640MW
Size: 50 X 45 X 45(mm)

The latest Version Daytime (colour) / Infra-Red Night (B/W)
Automatic conversion on Daylight or night time
Includes 30 X IR LED

The working voltage range is DC+6V,+9V/-9V, the input voltage must not exceed DC+10V
 and the current no more than 250MA, otherwise, damage may occur.

Item Includes

1 x 30LED Wired Colour Waterproof Day & Night Camera



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