Brittany satellites is a British company based in the UK and France TNT SAT TNT
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** HIRE** Rover Satellite Meter

** HIRE** Rover Satellite Meter

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Automatic SAT finder - approved by Sky for Sky+.
Demodulated QPSK DVB-S and DSS. Up to 99 orbital positions / transponders.
L, S, C, Ku and Ka bands.
Power: 30-90 dB?V. Simultaneously displays power & quality with high resolution bars.
Total quality measurement. 12/18/22 KHz LNB DiSEqC 1.0

Rover meter (same as we use to align our dishes)

Deposit (cash only) 220.?

Hire 30.? per day - week ends 50? discount for several days

Deposits must be paid in cash only

This service is only available within the 'Brittany' area - France

  • Model: Rover Mtr
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