Brittany satellites is a British company based in the UK and France TNT SAT TNT
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**HIRE** Sky Satellite System

**HIRE** Sky Satellite System

Call for Price

We offer two packages, 'the self install kit' (alignment meter and instructions included)

Deposits - Tripod 60.?, Digibox 75.?, Dish 10.? (all cables included)

Hire charge per day for the above package is 50.? this is based on
self install.

This will include a free to view card, with this package.


or we can arrange the installation of the satellite equipment, the satellite dish will be setup up on a tripod, and the receiver equipment placed in a dry location within 25mtrs of the dish. A LCD Television can also be hired for an additional fee - if required.


A power outlet must be available within one meter of the receivers location.
The location of the receiver and TV MUST be sheltered from the weather.
The position of the dish is important, and should not be in a location where it could be knocked out of alignment, any additional re-alignment would incur an extra fee.
The hirer must accept and agree to our hire

This service is only available within the 'Brittany' area - France

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