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ABC DC18 Element W/B

ABC DC18 Element W/B


ABC DC18 Element W/B 'F'
(Fitted with PCB Balun)

Avg Gain: 11.9dBd
Front/Back Ratio: 19.4dB @470MHz, 15.3dB @ 538MHz, 20.3dB @ 606MHz
Cross-Polar Protection: 32.1dB @ 470MHz, 16.6dB @ 538MHz, 25.4dB @ 606MHz
Min RLoss: 9.27dB
Weight: 1300g
Length: 2122mm

- 18 elements are secured together through both halves and have internal and external couplers for strength
- Fortified 6 element reflector design, made using M4 bolts attached through both tubes with nylon lock nuts to ensure it is secure
- Location dowels for position of the support boom to ensure high performance and easy assembly
- F plug connection included as standard. The new improved balun gives an even better than before impedance match and impulse rejection; it also includes brass terminations for good conductivity
- High performance glass filled nylon V type clip with locating lugs to install reflector
- Enhanced for DTT and Freeview reception
- An ideal aerial for good to medium signal strength areas
- Watertight insulator cap, including condensation drain and PVC grommet
- Extremely heavy duty galvanised tilt and swivel clamp to facilitate adjustment in elevation. Suitable to fit 1" to 2" masting (external use recommended minimum 1.25" mast diameter)
- Simple quick and easy installation
- Designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards
- Individually packed in a poly-bag

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