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BLAKE Super SR 10 Element W/B

BLAKE Super SR 10 Element W/B


BLAKE Super SR 10 Element W/B

Its elements with a superior strengthened profile and moulded securing clip make this a truly rugged aerial. If you combine this strength with the new inclined tube dipole, incorporating a printed circuit board balun for improved gain and impedance matching, you have a superb UHF digital and analogue receptacle.

- CAI Benchmarked Aerial - Standard 3
- Enhanced for DTT reception
- Ideal for good to medium signal strength areas
- “Inclined” folded tube dipole incorporating an easy fit termination with a soldered brass electrical terminal, braid clamp and a printed circuit board balun for improved gain, impedance match, bandwidth and impulsive noise rejection
- Watertight insulator cap, malleable in all working temperatures
- Stylish coloured plastic components
- Fortified 6 element reflector design for a refined back to front ratio
- Tilt and slide clamp to facilitate adjustment in elevation
- Element design has a superior strengthened profile incorporating an enlarged moulded securing clip
- Simple, quick and easy assembly and installation

Frequency Range: CH 21-68 (471.25-853.25MHz)
Forward Gain: 11.5-13.0 dBd
Front To Back Ratio: 19-21dB
Acceptance Angle: 23-24 degrees
Number of Directors: 10
Number of Elements: 16

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