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43cm Sky Digital Minidish + LNB

43cm Sky Digital Minidish + LNB


43cm mini dish for use with Sky Digital system. (including LNB and wall bracket assembly).


Primarily used for BSkyB digital installations also known as a Zone 1 kit. Supplied as a complete package i.e. dish, mounting bracket & LNB. The LNB supplied is a Cambridge Industries GEO universal G88 type with L.O. of 9.75/10.60.

Electrical Specification:

Typical gain @ 10.70GHz 33.0dBi
@ 11.70GHz 33.5dBi
@ 12.75GHz 33.7dBi

Mechanical Specification:

Optics: Prime focus offset feed
Effective Aperture: 43cm
Dish Height: 38cm
Dish Width: 53cm
F/d: 0.5
H/w: 0.7
G/T (LNB of 1.0dB): 12.5dB/K @11.7GHz

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